Annual Essay Writing Competition

To promote writing skills and the ability to express in written form ...

Raised: INR 25,000 Goal: INR 75,000

Workshop on ‘Robotics Circuits Sensors and Electronics’

Conduct workshops and train 50 students from different schools ...

Raised: INR 10,000 Goal: INR 100,000

Workshop on Future

Conducting workshops for Students on the importance of being Future Ready ...

Raised: INR 10,000 Goal: INR 100,000

Future Ready

Train and support 25 deserving and bright students from the...

Raised: INR 12,000 Goal: INR 250,000

Robotics Challenge

As a follow, up of the Robotic Workshops we plan to organise ...

Raised: INR 5,000 Goal: INR 300,000

Future Readiness-mega trends and the way forward report

To print and distribute 1000 copies of the report in Hindi language...

Raised: INR 10,000 Goal: INR 325,000